Hitaste v30 vape pod


China Hitaste V30 Vape Pod Manufacturers

Discover our new range of China Hitaste V30 Vape Pod Manufacturers that features an incredible 3000 puffs before you dispose of it off; with a built-in 1000mah rechargeable battery of about 70g net weight, it offers the user a long-lasting vaping experience. With such charging power, it has enough ability to level up your vaping mode!

Here at HiTaste, we welcome you to our local vape shop! We consistently strive for quality and are based in Los Angeles. not just in the goods we sell, but also in the support we offer both during and after your online shopping trip. Our staff will make every effort to satisfy your cravings and make sure you have a good day. In these unusual times, we’ve got your back, unlike other people.

China Hitaste V30 Vape Pod Manufacturers designed  devices with a fantastic design that our customers love. They are easy to use and handy; you can carry them everywhere you want due to their convenience. The battery requires 5V / 2A of the voltage and a charging time of 60 minutes. Hitaste has a vast collection of vape pods that are ideal for someone just starting out vaping and have enough power and flavor to please even the most demanding users.

We have 120*26*17mm of our V30 vape pods that come with a V30 battery, pod liquid of about 30 ml, a Type-C USB cable, and a user manual to guide you well. It is available in black or silver, as shown in the image.

V30 Vape Pod Features:

  • Light and handy
  • Compact and Portable
  • Chargeable
  • 3000 puffs

Our Hitaste V30 Vape Pod Suppliers and manufacturers From China provide you with the best quality pods at an affordable price. Why try other vape brands when you get unlimited features in your one vape pod? Don’t miss out on this opportunity and have your eyes on this incredible V30 vape pod.

The components we have used to make vapes are top-notch from the liquid, the heating elements, and the batteries. It won’t only give you an ultimate vaping experience, but you won’t find any other thing more enjoyable. Our focus on quality has resulted in a less defect rate for our products, which is much lower than the industry norm.

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