Hitaste Extra 1500 disposable pod device 850mah


China Hitaste D1500 Vape Pod Manufacturers

Do you prefer disposable vape pods or just love filling the flavorful e-liquid after various puffs? China Hitaste D1500 Vape Pod Manufacturers offers 6ml e-liquid capacity, which provides 1500 puffs, and that’s more than enough for the one who has just started the vaping adventure!

Hitaste offers quality vaping devices that are easy to operate and carry with you. Not just this, but you can find 6 different flavors of vapes that are appetizing to use. These flavors will cheer you up so that your taste buds crave more for it. Our devices are professionally made that turn e-liquid into vapor when you put it to your mouth and or draw on the mouthpiece based on our draw-activated firing mechanism.

Vapes often known as electronic smoking devices, add a touch of sophistication and style to smoking trend. Vapes are distinct from other e-cigarettes in that they make an effort to replicate the original form as closely as possible. They often have a lengthy usage life and are pre-filled and ready to use.

Hitaste D1500 vape pod Suppliers From China are the most prominent and industry-leading category of vape pods due to their flexible devices and affordable range. We offer the following flavors to enhance your vaping experience:

  1. Mongo Icy
  2. Blazing Girl
  3. Cola Ice
  4. Champion Juice
  5. Strawberry Yogurt
  6. Kick Start

Trendy D1500 Vape for Everyone!

No matter it’s your first puff or the last one, our D1500 vape pods always give the same taste and flavor. Hitaste is well known for its always-loved flavors, and it keeps incorporating both those fresh flavors and well-liked products into the most recent vaping devices and trends. These disposable vape pods are the simplest to use so far; they don’t require charging or refilling and are a one-stop shop for all your vaping needs.

To replace the old-fashioned cigarettes there is now the D1500 vape. The D1500 looks amazing in both appearance and feel, just like the previous electronic cigars.

For individuals who don’t want a strong nicotine hit, the option of an electronic vape without nicotine is a great choice. It does, however, also come in 24 mg, 20 mg, and 12 mg nicotine levels for people who prefer some throat hit, just like the majority of cigarillo users do.

Don’t look further and try our incredible vaping flavors to fulfill your cravings with such refreshing puffs all day long.