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Are you tired of seeking a reliable China Heat Not Burn Vape Manufacturers? The wait is over! Since, we’re here with wide variety of collection of your favorite vapes. Shenzhen Ruigu Technology Co., Ltd. has registered HiTaste as a trademark. We’re the most authentic manufacturer of Heat Not Burn Vape devices; our assembled skilled teams are the right fit for software and electronic circuits’ development, architecture, and design.

We have established long-term business relationships with clients both domestically and abroad by focusing on providing quick delivery, good quality, and competitive prices for Chinese heat-not-burn vapes. Being your reliable China Heat Not Burn Vape Suppliers From China, we offer affordability and quality product. You

Heat Not Burn Vape Suppliers From China

Electronic devices that, unlike e-cigarettes, contain tobacco are known as “heat not burn” or “smokeless tobacco” products. Without igniting it or producing “smoke” that the user inhales, the tobacco is heated to a high temperature. They are frequently flavored and contain nicotine and additives.

In short, electronic gadgets with tobacco leaf content are called heat-not-burn products. They emit a nicotine-containing vapor when heated, which you breathe in. They differ from traditional cigarettes in that they use a different mechanism to overheat the tobacco lower temperatures.

Our Products

You can select your desired heat not burn vapes in bulk as well. We have a wide range of products ranging from:

  1. Hitaste Q2
  2. Hitaste E10
  3. Hitaste P5
  4. Hitaste P6mini

Some of our vape devices consist of ceramic heating rods and OLED screens. They have a smart switch and vibration function. Users can have a temperature control mode from 200℃-300℃, varying from device to device. All our devices come with an auto-clean process.

What Makes Our Heat Not Burn Vape Distinctive?

  • Constant Temperature control
  • Healthy and environmentally friendly
  • Needle heating
  • No tar
  • No open flame
  • Tobacco ash-free

Our China Heat Not Burn Vape manufacturers and suppliers sincerely offer high-quality goods and first-rate service to domestic and foreign customers with the goal of providing good quality products developed with creativity. We firmly adhere to all the strict guidelines regarding quality and affordability for our valuable clients worldwide.

With independent brands and factories, independent development, and independent market research, we have been devoted to the vape industry for many years. We have the most modern, economical vape available. In addition to other services, we offer specialized goods and specialized packaging.

If you enjoy disposable vapes or pods but prefer a more affordable and sustainable alternative, our product kit are just perfect for you. These are simple to use, has an eye-catching appearance, and tastes the best just as per your requirements. According to our tests, our pod flavours have the same airy, throwaway inhalation as other disposable vapes.

The Hitaste P5 is a traditional, hassle-free pod system that has gained popularity as a replacement for disposables. The device, which is a replacement for the original one, has an interesting design but a longer battery life. The device has a long-lasting battery, which is more than adequate for a low-powered vape device but would be nothing spectacular in a vape. Finally, the pricing is reasonable.

It also provides excellent flavour and is economical with e-liquid, making it a suitable choice for vapers who are concerned about costs. However, you can’t have it all, and more experienced vapers might discover they prefer a device that generates thicker, denser vapour.

This gadget has a good build quality and one of the finest throat hits we’ve ever encountered from a budget model, which is probably why it’s been so well-liked for so long. So, why wait for more? Get in touch with China Heat Not Burn Vape Manufacturers  and don’t forget to place your bulk orders today!

FAQ About China Heat Not Burn Vape Manufacturers

Is heat-not burn tobacco the same as vaping?

No, heat-not-burn tobacco and vaping are not the same. Heat-not-burn tobacco products heat tobacco to a high temperature, but do not burn it.

Is Smoking IQOS better than Vaping?

IQOS is a heat-not-burn tobacco product that heats tobacco to a high temperature, but does not burn it. Heat-not-burn tobacco products are generally considered to be less harmful than cigarettes

What is the difference between heat and Vape?

The main difference between heat and vape is the way that they produce the aerosol that is inhaled by the user. Heat-not-burn tobacco products heat tobacco to a high temperature, but do not burn it.

Does heated tobacco taste like cigarettes?

There are some differences. The taste of heated tobacco is often described as being smoother and less harsh than cigarettes. This is because the tobacco is not burned, which produces fewer harmful chemicals.